Attendance Procedures for daily student attendance continues to be an expectation of Lake Zurich CUSD 95. Daily attendance is necessary for students to experience success with their learning. If a student does not report to any of his/her classes for a day, the student will be marked as absent. If parents do not call the attendance line and report this absent, the attendance clerk will contact the parent the following day to report the absence and record the reason for the absence.


PreK-12 Parent Expectations

  • If your child is sick or will be missing a day of school, please call the school and report the reason for the absence. Click here to access school phone numbers.
  • Support/monitor your child’s participation and engagement with his/her daily learning for both virtual learning and in-person learning.
  • Maintain open lines of two-way communication with your child’s teacher(s). Please contact teachers for clarification, assistance and/or support as needed to meet the needs of your child and to ensure a successful learning experience.

PreK-5 Student Expectations

  • Students must attend and participate in all synchronous class sessions (Zoom or Canvas Conference) as identified within the elementary schedule.
  • Students must participate daily. Students and families will collaborate with teachers for students to make up any missing assignments due to absences.

PreK-5 Teacher Expectations

  • All classroom teachers will take attendance in eSchool every day for their AM and PM sections. This applies to both in-person and remote learning experiences.

6-12 Student Expectations

  • Student participation in synchronous Zoom and Canvas Conference are required.
  • Students must log in to each period, each day, via Canvas when learning from home. The Canvas page will provide the link for students to “enter the virtual classroom”
  • The student will attend classes every day of the week, with Friday serving as an opportunity for students to participate in small group instruction and/or asynchronous learning activities.
  • Students must participate daily and work with teachers to make up any missing assignments due to absences.

6-12 Teacher Expectations

  • All teachers will take attendance in every period.
  • All teachers will log attendance in eSchool for each period.
  • Attendance will be reported via the Cognos report, which will be pulled by the attendance clerk. The attendance clerk will follow up for attendance purposes.