Cleaning and Sanitization

cleaning & sanitation

Increased Cleaning and Sanitization Measures

District 95 will follow all Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and  Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting.

There will be designated times that staff members and students will wipe desk surfaces in classrooms during student transition times or prior to a new group of students using common spaces in a classroom. Nightly cleaning and sanitizing of each District facility will also occur by our custodial staff, as well as hourly disinfecting of bathrooms and wiping of "high touch" areas. Additional custodial staff have been hired by the district to ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Use of Chemicals

The District only uses cleaning products that meet the requirements for use in schools. Please contact the Facilities Department if you would like a specific list of chemicals contained in products used by the District for cleaning purposes.

Bathrooms & Drinking Fountains

Bathrooms will be accessible to all students. Students will be expected to follow all bathroom protocols identified within each classroom and school. At the elementary level, there will also be scheduled breaks for classrooms to use the bathroom. Building custodians will follow specific cleaning procedures and schedules throughout the day for each bathroom. Students will receive teaching and modeling of appropriate physical distancing expectations to be followed as they enter and exit bathrooms. There will also be signage in all bathrooms to encourage appropriate handwashing and physical distancing procedures. Water fountain usage will be restricted to the filling of individual student water bottles. All students will be highly encouraged to bring their own water bottle to school daily.

Ventilation Systems

All District ventilation systems will have upgraded filters installed. It is highly recommended that all classroom windows remain open to allow as much fresh air exchange as possible.

Physical Distancing in the Classroom

All non-essential items will be removed from the classrooms to make space to maintain physical distancing. District 95 has worked to provide 6 feet of social distancing between desks in all classrooms and eating spaces. All students will face the same direction with no table or desk groupings allowed.


Buses will be wiped down between morning and afternoon routes, in addition to existing daily sanitization. 

Playground Equipment

Playground equipment will be closed for student use to start the year, and future use will be dependent upon guidance received throughout the year from ISBE and IDPH.