Instructional Models

Instructional Models

Implementation Plans as a Part of the Restore Illinois Plan

District 95 developed three different instructional plans based on the Restore Illinois Plan and in alignment with direction provided by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). All three plans follow the guidance provided to schools from the State of Illinois guiding entities. The following chart showcases the instructional model District 95 will implement during each of the Restore Illinois phases. Please note that at any time, the district may access individual or a combination of models based on the situation at that moment in time. Additionally, the State may direct a particular instructional model.

Restore Illinois Phase

Restore Illinois Phase 1&2

Restore Illinois Phase 3

Restore Illinois Phase 4

Restore Illinois Phase 5

District 95 Instructional Model


eLearning Plan (with or without small groups of identified special population groups in attendance)

Hybrid Plan * (Student Choice)


eLearning Plan *

(Student Choice)


eLearning Plan (Entire District)

Full Capacity (with or without Restrictions)

*When student choice is offered, families must commit to their selected preferred model for an entire grading period.