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kelley gallt

Dr. Kelley Gallt, Superintendent

Cynthia Suchy, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Superintendent's Office:  847-540-4963

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My name is Kelley Gallt, and I am honored to serve as superintendent for the Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95. I am excited to lead Forward95, our district’s strategic plan designed to empower all learners to achieve personal excellence.  This plan is significant as it represents the collaborative effort of a representative team of District 95 stakeholders who have developed and communicated goals and strategies that give structure to our district’s mission and vision. Areas of focus include supporting student achievement and growth, developing and retaining high quality staff, nurturing strong partnerships and stakeholder engagement, and committing to the allocation of resources to support the district’s mission. 

As a part of Forward95, we will continue to pursue strong collaborative methods to engage and connect staff, families, students and our community in developing partnerships designed to ensure student success through supporting authentic and personalized learning experiences for all learners.  To this end, I understand and am committed to the incredible responsibility associated with ensuring a successful learning experience for all students. Through positive relationships between leaders, staff, families, and communities, I believe we will “enable people to get extraordinary things done” (Kouzos & Pozner, 2007, p. 25), allowing us to best support the ideal philosophy:  students first. 

All of our goals and strategies outlined within our Forward95 plan will be supported and realized through a collective effort to ensure facility designs, usage, and maintenance support as well as all financial and resource support to ultimately provide an exceptional learning  experience for all students. Together, we will ensure that our District’s resources and finances are aligned to Forward95, as it is the direction designed by our community. 

Superintendent Goals


Continue to make progress toward the four goals outlined within Forward95 using the strategies identified within the plan
  • Maximize every student’s growth and achievement of personal excellence
  • Recruit, develop, and retain innovative staff who embrace collaboration and continuous improvement
  • Engage families and community partnerships to ensure student success
  • Prioritize resources to achieve the district’s mission, vision, and goals


  • Foster a highly effective District Leadership Team as measured by the successful completion of all action plans throughout the 2019-20 school year
  • Create a successful District governance and constructive Board-Superintendent relations. 
  • Attend/participate in identified superintendent learning opportunities
  • By the end of May, share developed criteria to be considered related to the redistricting of schools and use this information to develop potential scenarios.  By the end of August, create a plan for the administrative team to evaluate the impact of those boundary scenarios based on the selected criteria established. Plan for opportunities for community engagement through public summits/forums to build understanding across the district
  • Provide mentorship and personalized learning experiences for all district and building leaders
  • Create a succession plan for administrative positions, which will include a review of the organizational chart that may lead to recommendations for changes and/or additions
Fiscal Responsibility
  • Provide prudent stewardship of district resources by directing district resources to support the instructional core and supporting educational equity while maximizing administrative and operational efficiency within a positive cash flow operating budget
  • Meet expectations regarding the monitoring and oversight necessary for the successful construction of the identified facilities within Forward95 and according to the facilities plan
Community Engagement
  • Build positive relationships with all stakeholders (internal and external)
  • Promote the development of partnerships with outside community organizations/businesses
  • Enhance communication with the community through the development of public-facing dashboards in the following areas:  Student Achievement, Forward95 Goal/Action Plan Monitoring, and Financial Well-being
Academic Success
  • Increase the percentage of students meeting and exceeding in both student proficiency and growth performance on SAT and IAR identified through the ECRA analysis


District Leadership

Julia Becich

Director of Human Resources

Susan Coleman

Asst. Superintendent Student Services

Vicky Cullinan

Asst. Superintendent Business/Operations

Lyle Erstad

Director of Facilities

James Ferguson

Director of Student Services

Kelley Gallt

District Superintendent

Zach Gimm

Director of Curriculum

Chris Green

Director of Business Services

Philip Howard

Director of Technology

Linda Klobucher

Asst. Superintendent Teaching/Learning

Jean Malek

Director of Communication/Community Rela

Josh Minsley

"Director of Assmt, Programs And Policies"

Stacie Noisey

Director of Curriculum

Lynn Owens

Director of Student Services

Mary Zarr

Asst. Superintendent Teaching/Learning