Redistricting School Boundaries

Why is District 95 Changing School Boundaries?


Over time, communities may have more student population growth in one part of the community than another which can lead to an imbalance of students enrolled in the district schools. This can lead to overcrowding at some schools and underutilization of space at others. As part of the District 95 strategic plan, Forward 95, action plan 4C 19B was established to “develop and implement a district enrollment map that enrolls students in schools according to criteria maximizing student and family engagement, student learning, and fiscal responsibility.” 

In accordance with the Forward 95 strategic plan, the district conducted a redistricting project during the 2020-21 school year. The implementation of the new boundaries coincide with the opening of a new May Whitney Elementary School in Fall 2021, replacing the old May Whitney School on the same grounds on Church Street.