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The Forward95 Strategic Plan


OUR MISSION...Why We Exist

"The mission of Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95 is to empower every learner to achieve personal excellence."

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OUR VISION...Where We are Headed

Learners achieve personal excellence when they:
  • aspire to make a positive impact on the world.
  • contribute to a collaborative and diverse learning community.
  • develop habits to promote self-direction and growth.
  • are prepared for college, career, and/or personal aspirations.
  • are continuous learners who make and fulfill life goals.


OUR VALUES...What We Stand For

  • Collaboration
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Equity
  • High Expectations
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Respect


OUR GOALS...What We Will Achieve

Goal 1: Students

Maximize every student's growth and achievement of personal excellence.



Recruit, develop, and retain innovative staff who embrace collaboration and continuous improvement. 


Engage families and community partnerships to ensure student success.



Prioritize resources to achieve the district's mission, vision, and goals.




OUR STRATEGIES...What is Our Priority Work

Goal 1:  Maximize every student's growth and achievement of personal excellence.

  • Develop social-emotional competencies in every student.
  • Provide a rigorous and consistent curriculum for every student.
  • Enhance every student's growth by providing a system of appropriate interventions and enrichments.
  • Provide every student access to personalized learning opportunities that meet their needs.

Goal 2:  Recruit, develop, and retain innovative staff who embrace collaboration and continuous improvement.

  • Clarify and support district-wide expectations and practices through policies, professional development, coaching and collaboration.
  • Enhance culture and morale through improved communications and collaborative decision-making.
  • Using meaningful data to guide instruction, programming, and collaboration.

Goal 3:  Engage families and community partnerships to ensure student success.

  • Engage all community stakeholders to invest in the long-term success of students, schools, and the District.
  • Foster strong partnerships with families from diverse backgrounds to promote student and school success.
  • Engage community partners to extend learning and service opportunities for students and staff.

Goal 4:  Prioritize resources to achieve the district's mission, vision, and goals.

  • Optimize the use of time throughout the school day, school year, and extended year to advance staff and student success.
  • Optimize facility design, usage, and maintenance to further teaching and learning.
  • Responsibly and equitably allocate financial and learning resources.

Action Plans

OUR PLANS...How We Will Accomplish the Work

Twenty four action plans were defined to carry out the Forward95 strategic plan. 

Below are the actions plans within Forward95:

1A22-SEL Programming
1B19-Full-day Kindergarten
1B22-21st Century Curriculum
1C22-Tiered System of Support
1D20-Summer Learning Opportunities
1D22-STEAM Learning
2A20A-Professional Learning Communities
2A20B-Common Grading Practices - LZHS
2A22A-Common Grading Practices - K-8
2A22B-Culturally Aware Instructional Practices
2B19-Staff Engagement
2B22-Best Practices for Evaluations
2C20-Meaningful Data to Guide Practice
3A18-Community Support for LT Capital Needs
3A19-New Website
3B22-Culturally Diverse Family Partnerships
3C22-Service Opportunities within Community
4A22-School Day/Year Structure
4B18-21st Century Classroom Furniture
4B22-21st Century Facility Design
4C19A-Mobile Learning (6-12)
4C19B-District Enrollment Map
4C19C-Financial Dashboard
4C20A-Mobile Learning (PreK-5) 


In the fall of 2016, District 95 embarked upon an important community engagement and strategic planning process that we call “Forward 95”. This process brought together a Strategic Planning Team - stakeholders including students, staff, parents, community members, and administration - to work together on this defining initiative to shape our school district for the next three to five years and beyond.

In March, 2017, the new strategic plan was approved by the Board of Education.  Since then, the district administration created action plans to guide the district’s work and ensure it is in alignment with the plan. The strategic plan is shown below and encompasses our Mission, Vision, Values, Goals, Strategies, and Action Plans.

How the Plan was Developed

Strategic Plan Team

Team Members

Strategic Plan Team

A strategic plan is more than just words on a piece of paper or posted to a website. It's truly a living document that will guide the district for years..."


-Marty Cupples, 2016 Forward 95 Strategic Planning Team Member

Team Members, Stakeholder Group Represented

  • Barb Crutchfield, Parent Representative
  • Marty Cupples, Parent Representative
  • Guillermina Figueroa, Parent Representative
  • Grzegorz Kierat, Parent Representative
  • Kate Pearson, Parent Representative
  • Andrea Trudeau, Parent Representative
  • Susan Dillon, Community Representative
  • Steve Husak*, Community Representative
  • Matt Womack, Community Representative
  • Sally Kutsor *, Parent Leader Representative
  • Beth Slaughter, Parent Leader Representative
  • Donna Young, Parent Leader Representative
  • David Gardner, Building Leader Representative
  • Todd Jakowitsch, Building Leader Representative
  • Claudia Mall, Building Leader Representative
  • Chris Martelli, Building Leader Representative
  • Melissa Pikul, Building Leader Representative
  • Marie Rothermel, Building Leader Representative
  • Ryan Rubenstein, Building Leader Representative
  • Kathy Brown, Board Leader Representative
  • Lisa Warren *, Board Leader Representative
  • Kathryn Jamison *, Union Leader Representative
  • Rocky Kleinschmidt *, Union Leader Representative
  • Jean Malek *, Management Leader Representative
  • Kaine Osburn *, Management Leader Representative
  • Vicky Cullinan *, Management Leader Representative
  • Jodi Wirt *, Management Leader Representative
  • Laura Cohen, Staff Member Representative
  • Jackie Haney, Staff Member Representative
  • Liz Hedstrom, Staff Member Representative
  • Michael Kaufman, Staff Member Representative
  • Dana Ladenburger, Staff Member Representative
  • Jenn McAdams, Staff Member Representative
  • Laura Ranieri, Staff Member Representative
  • Suzanne Weider, Staff Member Representative
  • Amy Pine, Staff Member Representative
  • Terri Williams, Staff Member Representative
  • Melissa Gray, Staff Member Representative
  • Grace Kinsey, Student Leader Representative
  • Julia Lane, Student Leader Representative
  • Collin Rasbid, Student Leader Representative

Team Member Responsibilities

  • Attend all meetings of the planning team.
  • Learn of roles and responsibilities at an Orientation Meeting.
  • Prepare for each meeting by reading materials aligned to each agenda.
  • Conduct a data analysis of the district at a Data Retreat by reviewing key data indicators and measures to determine the district’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Develop a shared understanding of the needs of stakeholder groups through a review of an environmental scan or stakeholder satisfaction data at a Data Retreat.
  • Explore educational, demographic, political, economic, social, and technological impacts on the future of the district at a Vision Retreat.
  • Explore research-based, effective practices of high performing districts at a Vision Retreat.
  • Review and revise the district’s shared mission, vision, values/commitments and goals at a Vision Retreat.
  • Provide suggestions for indicators and measures that align to monitoring and reporting district success at a Setting Direction Retreat.
  • Identify key strategy gaps that are aligned to the data-based opportunities for improvement through a review of the environment scan and/or system assessment (internal audit)
  • Present a draft of the plan for stakeholder review and input.
  • Revise and finalize the draft of the plan based on stakeholder review and input.
  • Recommend the strategic plan to the superintendent.

The Value of Strategic Planning

Former Superintendent Kaine Osburn and other Strategic Plan team members talk about the value of strategic planning and the Forward95 process.


Strategic Planning Process

District 95 partnered with The Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) to facilitate the community engagement and strategic planning process.  Forward95 was customized around CEC's research based, data driven approach to engaging with the community, analyzing data, creating and implementing strategic plans. 
Circular depiction of strategic planning process

2016 Community Engagement

Community Engagement Presentations

Below are PowerPoint presentations presented by District 95 Administration during community engagement sessions in September and October, 2016. A total of eight presentations were given, two for each of the following topics: Finances & Facilities, Learning & Learning Spaces, Defining Success, and Beyond the Classroom. 

audience members viewing posters at community engagement
people viewing posters in HS library
Audience attending community engagement at HS library