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EKG Screens for Teens at LZHS on March 14th

EKG Screens for Teens at LZHS on March 14th

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018 the Max Schewitz Foundation will bring Screen for Teens, a school wide EKG screening program, to Lake Zurich High School.  The screening will be offered to all high school students during PE and Health classes.  All EKGs will be read by a physician and free echocardiograms will be given to any student with an abnormal reading. The cost of the screening is $15 per student. Screenings will be held in the Tonelli Gym. To register for the March 14th screening at LZHS, visit:  http://www.events.org/MSF01/cpage.aspx?e=113216

“As a principal and as a parent of two high school students, there is nothing more important to me than the safety and health of our young people. When we as a family had the chance for our children to participate in the screening through the Max Schewitz Foundation, we jumped at it. It is a quick and confidential way we can protect the health of our children”, said Lake Zurich High School Principal Bo Vossel.

The Max Schewitz Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2006 by the family and friends of Max Schewitz who died from sudden cardiac death at the age of twenty. The Foundation has dual missions: To support education, prevention and research of sudden cardiac death in young people; and to support environmental conservation, a lifelong interest of Max’s. Specifically, the Foundation supports the education and conservation of fragile and threatened reptile ecosystems and species. For more information, please visit the Max Schewitz Foundation website: https://www.heartsmartekg.org/about-ekg-your-teen

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