Board Briefs - Key Highlights

board briefs

Here are a few highlights from the Board of Education meeting. Full meeting agendas can be viewed on our website or by clicking here, and full livestream recordings are also available and can be viewed here. 

Board Briefs – March 10, 2022

Superintendent Update

Click here to watch the Superintendent’s Update (video)

Special Board Awards

2022 National Hispanic Recognition Award
Bryson Turner
2022 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist
Manit Amin
Brendon Gorelik
Ryan Bohn
Jack Roscoe
2022 The Illinois High School Theatre Festival All-State: Cabaret
William Chialdikas              Tom Gilbert
2022 LZHS Competitive Dance Team
Grace Bathery                        Bianca Pajula
Megan Bodett                        Alexa Pekarski
Emily Borek                            Madelyn Polich
Katherine Chialdikas             Mayah Radoy
Emma Costis                          Emma Ramos
Naomi Creasy                         Sarah Regalado
Meghan Cupples                   Sophia Regalado
Reese Hartke                          Isabella Sands
Skylar Henry                           Lea Saputos
Gillian Kramer                        Kasey Selzer
Megan Maldonado               MacKenna Sherer
Caitlin Marino                        Caroline Sole
Alyssa McHugh                      Emma Swolsky
Jenna Meister                        Julia Szewczyk
Lauren Myhre                        Zoe Thill
Lindsey Neurauter               
2022 Illinois Music Education Association (ILMEA) All-State Festival
Matthew Angelaccio             Kaden Morrison
Colton Belew                          Samuel Murray
Evan Chung                             Matthew Mytnik
Vaughn Chung-Mehdi           Anubhav Nigam
Aaron Crnkovic                       Colin Papierniak
Natalie Cupples                      Joseph Polites
Andrew Czarnik                      Caitlin Rasbid
Grace Duffy                             Emily Robins
Andrew Dziubinski                 Matthew Shaw
Louisa Hagen                          Nathaniel Stall
Hunter Johnson                      Matthew Swolsky
James Kasregis                       Kate Thompson
Ava Malin                                 Grant Webster
Ryan Mark                               Jane Yu
Dominic Mazzuca                  Victoria Zbierowski

Teaching and Learning Committee Meeting Update

  • ISBE Pathway Endorsements
  • Update on Internships in D95
  • 2022-2023 LZHS New Courses
  • Outcomes of Practice SAT
  • Summer Semester Update

Reports to the Board of Education

Mrs. Becich, Executive Director of Human Resources presented the projected staffing report for the 2022-2023 school year.


Health & Wellness Update

COVID Data: District 95 Internal Data

  • Active cases – 12 students and 1 staff
  • Close contacts – (since 2/8/22) 347