Board Briefs - Key Highlights

board briefs

Here are a few highlights from the Board of Education meeting. Full meeting agendas can be viewed on our website or by clicking here, and full livestream recordings are also available and can be viewed here. 

Board Briefs – January 27, 2022

Click here to watch the Superintendent’s Update (video)

Board Awards

Students of the Month

  • Ellie Anderson, 12th Grade, Lake Zurich High School
  • Addison Zent, 8th Grade, Middle School South
  • Camryn Krysciak, 7th Grade, Middle School North
  • Nathan Tellschow, 3rd Grade, Isaac Fox Elementary
  • Megan Thorstenson, 3rd Grade, Sarah Adams Elementary
  • Rhett Hartman, 2nd Grade, Spencer Loomis Elementary
  • Isabella Sherry, 1st Grade, Seth Paine Elementary
  • Betty Pius, Kindergarten, May Whitney Elementary

Parent Volunteer of the Month

  • Jodi McCarthy - Middle School North

Staff Member of the Month

  • Sharon Lennon - Middle School South

Consent Agenda

  • The Board approved the proposed calendar for the 2022-23 school year.
  • The Board approved the proposed board meeting schedule for the 2022-23 school year.
  • The Board approved the proposed purchase of new football uniforms for the 2022-23 school year.

Facilities Meeting Update

  • Softball Field Project Budget
  • Brick opportunity/District 95 Educational Foundation Discussion
  • Camera Project at MSS/IF/SP
  • Potential Future Facilities Projects
  • Operations Center
  • Solar Update

Summer School Report to the Board

  • Timeline of Identified Work and Presented
  • Communications to Parents and Registration will open in early April
  • First day of school June 13, 2022

1A22 – Social Emotional Learning Updates, Current Work

  • Universal instruction implementation
  • Universal screening implementation
  • Student voice (student representatives added at the high school level, student input collected at the middle school level via surveys)
  • Please refer to the Board Report for Next Steps/Future Work

1C22 – Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Updates, Current Work

  • Progress monitoring identified as a key area of focus for the 21-22 school year
  • Additional staff training in multiple MTSS topic areas (all staff training, specialist training, building administrator training)
  • Individualized student planning (additional training and resources provided to team members)
  • Please refer to the Board Report for Next Steps/Future Work

Support for Special Populations

  • State and federal legislation in place (Illinois Human Rights Act, Title IX) that outlines supports that districts need to make available to students with gender identity/gender expression needs
  • Board policies additionally in place that outline the District's obligation to maintain schools free from harassment and discrimination (Last updated 12/17/2020)
  • 7:10 Equal Education Opportunities
  • 7:20 Harassment of Students
  • 2:260 Uniform Grievance Procedure
  • 2:265 Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure
  • As a District, we have recently reviewed and updated our systems and processes in place to effectively meet legal requirements (including access to facilities)
  • Initial communication has been sent to staff at secondary levels, additional training for all staff at the February Institute Day
  • Families can expect communication in the upcoming Superintendent Newsletter with key points

Joanie’s Closet Wins Chamber Award

  • Joanie’s Closet wins the LZACC Community Impact of the Year (2021)

Photography/Yearbook Services

Over the past several months, a committee representing all levels within the district has worked to review existing photography and yearbook services, identify key components for future services, conducted interviews with existing and potential providers, and brought a recommendation for both photography and yearbook services to administration.

The administration is working to finalize agreements with a single provider for a three-year agreement with Visual Image Photography for districtwide photography services and a single provider for a three year agreement with Herff Jones for yearbook services. Once completed, the administration will execute both agreements, and buildings will begin planning and preparing for the coming school year with these two providers.

2021-22 Lunch Program Update

Dr. Romano provided a financial update of regarding the Summer Seamless Option (elementary and middle schools) and Off-Program (high school) to the Board of Education to evaluate whether changes to the program mid-year should be considered.

Student Achievement

Dr. Walsh presented the Student Achievement Report which included both achievement results and comparative data from the Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IRA, Grades 3-8), SAT (high school), Measures of Academic Progress (MAP – Grades 3-8), Advanced Placement courses/exams and Dual Credit courses (high school).

Ela Township High School Commemoration

The Board of Education approved Mrs. Cullinan’s recommendation to construct a monument on the razed site of May Whitney to honor Ela Township High School by salvaging the granite section with the original school name and a yet to be determined number of salvaged bricks.

Health & Wellness Update

COVID Data: District 95 Internal Data

  • Current COVID cases (students/staff in isolation): 66 (58 students, 8 staff)
  • Current school-based exposure exclusions (students only, there are 0 staff currently excluded from work due to a school-based exposure): 3
  • Current test-to-stay cases (students only, there are 0 staff members currently in test-to-stay): 19
  • NOTE: Some families still choose quarantine as an option over test-to-stay; students now come out of a test-to-stay protocol more quickly due to the reduction in testing days (from 3 to 2)
  • Shift in COVID dashboard numbers noted following reduced quarantine/isolation numbers – students and staff members moving from active to inactive more quickly
  • Cumulative case counts by building better represent changes from week to week in new COVID cases

D95 Health & Wellness Team Summary

  • Student subcommittee formed, first student meeting; student representatives attended last District level meeting (1/25)
  • Begin reporting cumulative cases by building on the dashboard
  • Currently exploring other ways to provide daily updates regarding new cases (other than letter notices)
  • Shifting to alternate seating arrangements at elementary and middle school levels (by teacher choice) in early February (i.e., facing each other while still at 3 feet)
  • Will review additional options for mask breaks with building administrators (in addition to those already in place)

LCHD (Lake County Health Department) board Meeting

Key points for advocacy shared at 1/26/2022 Board Meeting:

  • Advocated for the expansion of test-to-stay options to include non-household exposures outside of school
  • Advocated for increased testing supplies for district, or for a reduction in test-to-stay dates
  • Advocated for more flexibility in which tests the District can accept to verify results (at present, can only accept lab tests for negative results)
  • Advocated for the ability to use internal data to make decisions that meet the unique needs of District 95 (more local control)

Weekly Testing: O’Hare Lab Update

  • Private partner for weekly COVID voluntary testing
  • Ravinia Health previously worked with O’Hare Labs
  • Ravinia Health will be using a different laboratory for processing testing results due to issues with O’Hare Labs
  • Do not expect major disruptions in service. Families may be provided a different portal for communication of results