Board Briefs - Key Highlights

board briefs

Here are a few highlights from the Board of Education meeting. Full meeting agendas can be viewed on our website or by clicking here, and full livestream recordings are also available and can be viewed here. 

November 4, 2021

Click here to watch the Superintendent’s Update (video)



Superintendent Update

Teaching and Learning Committee Update on English/Language Arts (ELA) and Math curriculum work

  • Two committee meetings were created (ELA and Math). The department launched a kick-off for curriculum revisions to update and modernize learning for all students. Staff spent time on the identification of priority and supporting standards
  • A summary was provided regarding the District’s work with Social Emotional Learning. Examples of supports shared included the calming room, middle school therapy dog, additional staff training, and an increase in community partnerships
  • A draft of 2020-2021 Data Report was discussed as well as important upcoming State dates:  October 29, December 2, and April 23. The Board of Education expects a comprehensive presentation in January
  • Several course proposals were shared and will be brought back to the Board for consideration during November. The committee discussed PLTW additions, multiple dual credit courses, Sports Officiating at the high school, and computer science (across levels)

Additional Information

The superintendent report also included some brief information on the need for continuous recruiting efforts of bus drivers, Board of Education Classroom Visits, and a huge thank you to all who supported the coat/winter items drive by Joanie’s Closet (distributed on November 5, 2021).

Additionally, District 95 celebrated the district’s recently received award. Learning by Design (Fall, 2021): The Premier Source for Education Design Innovation & Excellence acknowledged District 95 May Whitney with the Outstanding Project for New Construction/ Addition: Entire School/Campus Building Award.

Lastly, the District’s COVID Vaccination Pod for 5-11 Year Old Children was discussed. This is being held on November 17 and December 7 from 4-8pm in partnership with Jewel/Osco.


Financial Dashboard, Forward95 Strategic Action Item

Dr. Romano discussed one of the important action plans identified within the strategic planning of Forward95 was the development and implementation of a Financial Dashboard. The intent of the Financial Dashboard is to provide financial data in a concise understandable format that will keep stakeholders informed about the financial position of the district. A reduced mockup of the Draft Financial Dashboard was shared with the Board of Education. The single major design element change under consideration based on feedback from the Focus Group was noted as the future highlight of the LZ95 Financial Overview. The committee plans to meet again to finalize the dashboard.


Adopt the Resolution of Intent to Levy 2021 Taxes

Tentative Timeline:

  • November 4, 2021  Adopt Resolution of Intent to Levy 2021 taxes Establish Hearing Date – December 2, 2021 (at least 20 days after tentative levy adopted)
  • November 25, 2021 Publish Hearing and Truth in Taxation Notice (7-14 days prior to hearing) – if required
  • December 2, 2021  2021 Levy and Truth in Taxation Hearing – if required   Adoption of 2021 Levy by the Board of Education
  • Week of December 6, 2021 File 2021 Levy with Lake County

The Board of Education will consider approval of the 2021 Tax Levy at the December 2, 2021 Board meeting.  Prior to passing the levy, the Board adopts a Resolution of Intent to Levy Taxes.


Disposal of District Equipment

District 95 shared its desire to dispose of equipment viewed as no longer necessary in preparation of the demolition of 100 Church Street and sale of 400 S Old Rand Road.  Also, there is additional equipment from the Music Department and the Fab Lab at the High School that has been identified for disposal. Lastly, Technology also shared a request to dispose of iPad and laptop charging cabinets that are no longer in use. It is the Administration’s responsibility to inform the Board when equipment is identified for disposal. The District will first try to auction the identified items and then those items that are not sold will be disposed of through a donation to an outside organization, taken to a recycling facility to be sold as scrap metal, or processed through our standard waste stream.