Board Briefs - Key Highlights

board briefs

Here are a few highlights from the Board of Education meeting. Full meeting agendas can be viewed on our website or by clicking here, and full livestream recordings are also available and can be viewed here. 

September 23, 2021

Click here to watch the Superintendent’s Update (video)

Health & Wellness: COVID Update

According to the Northwestern COVID-19 Zip Code Dashboard

  • 7 Day Incidence Rate (Cases per 100,000): 80.0
  • 14 Day Incidence Rate (Cases per 100,000): 174.5
  • *7 days under 100 cases per 100k moving District from High to Substantial transmission

District 95 Screening COVID Testing Results

  • 272 Tested with no positive results
  • 183 Students/Staff
  • 89 Family members

District Health & Wellness Committee

  • No adjustments recommended to lunch spaces, but will continue to monitor data
  • Initiative to increase number of individuals signed up for the voluntary COVID-19 testing process (Testimonials, reminders, website, etc.)

Updated Health Department Guidance

  • Outbreak is defined as two connected cases
  • Unvaccinated adults less than 6 feet of distance from a positive case are now considered a close contact (unless fully vaccinated and asymptomatic)

Forward 95 Strategic Plan Reports to the Board

  • 1B22: Develop a Challenging and Rigorous K-12 Curriculum that Provides Students with Meaningful Learning Experiences that Deepen Students’ Understanding of Content and Develop the 21st Century Skills of Communication, Collaboration, Curation, Critical Thinking and Creativity
  • 2B22: Staff Members will Develop Best Shared Practices for Evaluation Which Provides Performance Feedback that Advances a Culture of Excellence

Facilities Committee Update to the Board

Summer 2022 Project Discussion
  • MSN/MSS STEAM (Potential Additions)
    • Anticipating large increases in costs for projects
    • Continuing to prepare for bid process and will re-evaluate based on results of this process
  • MSN/SL Library Renovations
    • Prepare for a potential need to bid these projects if the MSS STEAM bid project comes in too high
Other District Facilities Considerations
  •  Large Storage Needs
    • Discussed leasing options
  • Transition Program (preferred location)
    • Continuing to research options
  • Bus Buy-Back Program
    • Belief that this program will no longer be an option
    • Discussing options to this plan and preparation needs in the context of other facility’s needs (listed above)

Scheduled Additional Facilities Board Committee Meeting for October 12, 2021 at 5pm

Safety & Security

Report on September 15th School Lockdowns

The Superintendent provided a brief update to the Board regarding the incidents at the high school last week, which prompted first a soft, and then a hard lockdown at the high school as well as lockdowns at other schools.

Our administrative team at the district and building levels conducted debriefs to establish a detailed timeline of the events prompting the lockdown, the district/school response, areas of strength/opportunities for growth, and any follow up items.

Many details of incidents like these will not be made public in order to protect student privacy and also to prevent certain aspects of safety protocols from being public and therefore vulnerable.  However, I do have some details to share with you at this time.

During and after the incidents on September 15th, we received numerous communications from parents indicating that the email messages sent via School Messenger were not received in a timely manner (voice messages were received promptly however).

School Messenger’s parent company, Intrado, indicated there was a systemic problem beyond our district - which ultimately was not resolved until 9pm. At no time did the District receive any type of communication regarding these issues.

We have immediately begun investigating other mass communication vehicles and have begun an expedited process to identify options, including the ability to quickly send emergency text messages.

Continue with our staff training on all aspects of safety and security.  Continued training is one of the best ways to ensure our staff and students are prepared in the event of an emergency

Thank you to the Board’s commitment to safety and security

  • Full time District Safety Coordinator, Danielle Stevens
    • Outstanding job of implementing changes to our safety protocols based upon recommendations made by an outside review in 2019-20 and based on her own knowledge and training as a sworn police officer

In any incident of this nature, there will always be some aspects of our response that need improvement. However, I am very pleased with our staff response

2021-22 Budget Approval

The FY22 tentative budget was originally presented to the Board in June where the line-item detail was presented and the assumptions used in the development of the budget were discussed.

The Board of Education unanimously approved the District’s budget.