Board Briefs - Key Highlights

board briefs

Here are a few highlights from the Board of Education meeting. Full meeting agendas can be viewed on our website or by clicking here, and full livestream recordings are also available and can be viewed here. 

October 14, 2021

Click here to watch the Superintendent’s Update (video)

Health & Wellness: COVID Update

According to the Northwestern COVID-19 Zip Code Dashboard

  • 7 Day Incidence Rate (Cases per 100,000): 80.0
  • 14 Day Incidence Rate (Cases per 100,000): 147.9

District 95 Internal Data

  • Total cases to date: 103 (16 staff, 87 students)
  • Current active cases (students/staff currently in isolation): 9 (8 students, 1 staff member)
  • Current school-based exclusions: 6 
  • Current students in test-to-stay protocol:  0

Screening COVID Testing Results as of 10/6

  • 275 Tested with no positive results
  • 186 Students/Staff
  •   89 Family members

District Health & Wellness Committee

  • District wide communication regarding
    • School exclusion guidance
      • Quarantines
      • Test-to-Stay Eligibility
  • Website updates
    • Clarification of who is eligible for Test-to-Stay
    • Contact tracing notification process

Teaching & Learning Committee Update

Assistant Superintendent Angela Stallion shared a summary of the first Student & Success Team meeting for the 2021-22 School Year. This meeting focused on

  • Potential ways to spend ESSER funds (approximately 1.6 million dollars)
  • Advancement of the Forward95 Strategy: 3B22 Parent Engagement
  • The District’s Draft Instructional Model that was developed by representative teaching staff and administrators was discussed. This model was also shared with the entire staff during the Teacher’s Institute held in October
  • The District is participating in an Internship Consortium with other area school districts

Facilities Committee Update

Long Range Facilities Plan
  • Approved partnership with DLA Architects to complete the long range plan

Summer Projects going to bid

  • Middle School Steam Labs
  • MSN/SL Libraries
  • MSS Parking Lot
  • IF Playground
  • SA Ditch Restoration
  • LZHS Front Drive (baseball field to upper parking lot)

District Space Needs

  • Entering into lease for temporary storage 
  • Discussed long term solutions for Transition Program, Transportation Needs, Storage Space
    • Permission granted to take initial steps to determine the viability of developing district property north of the high school to meet these needs