Lake Zurich Community Unit School District

Board Members

Board of Education members

Left to right:  Doug Goldberg (Vice President), Kathy Brown, Chris Ketcham, Eileen Maloney, Marty Cupples, Lisa Warren (Secretary), Scott McConnell (President).

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Board of Education 

Community Unit School District 95 is governed by seven elected school board members who live in the community and serve without compensation.

The Board is responsible for ensuring a high-quality education for the students of the district. They accomplish this by holding the Superintendent and administration accountable for student success; developing effective policies that support the district's vision and mission; approving expenditures and planning for financial stability; adopting new initiatives that move the district forward; and representing the voice of the community served by District 95.

Written Requests for Information

The Superintendent's office maintains an email list of people who have filed a written request to receive any of the information listed below. Such requests must be made on an annual basis. Those persons shall be emailed copies of the following:  1) Board Agendas, 2) Budgets, 3) Audits.

Board Member Terms

Board Member Term
Scott McConnell 4/27/2017 to 5/1/2021

Eileen Maloney

4/27/2017 to 5/1/2021
Kathy Brown 4/27/2017 to 5/1/2021
Lisa Warren 4/27/2017 to 5/1/2021
Doug Goldberg 4/25/2019 to 5/1/2023
Christian Ketcham 4/25/2019 to 5/1/2023
Marty Cupples 4/25/2019 to 5/1/2023


Board Member Trainings

Scott McConnell

Open Meetings Act Training - 04-06-12

Professional Development Leadership Training - 12-10-12

PERA Training - 08-05-13

Doug Goldberg

Open Meetings Act Training - 04-20-12

Professional Development Leadership Training 10-26-19

PERA Training 10-26-19

Lisa Warren

Open Meetings Act Training - 04-21-12

Professional Development Leadership Training - 01-05-13

PERA Training 10-21-19

Kathy Brown

Open Meetings Act Training - 01-05-13

Professional Development Leadership Training 10-22-19

PERA Training 10-22-19

Eileen Maloney

Open Meetings Act Training - 06-3-13

Professional Development Leadership Training - 11-23-13

PERA Training - 11-23-13

Chris Ketcham

Open Meetings Act Training - 06-5-15

Professional Development Leadership Training - 06-5-15

PERA Training - 06-5-15

Marty Cupples

Open Meetings Act Training - 05-12-19

Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) 9-23-19

Professional Development Leadership Training (PDLT) 9-23-19