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Social Studies

Department Information


Social Studies Department Chair: Steve Jeretina

Social Studies Faculty Directory Listing

Program Description

The Social Studies Department and its curriculum is designed to help each student become an informed and responsible citizen. The teachers in the department will provide classroom experiences which will help the students learn about our past, democratic ideals, other cultures, and an appreciation of human dignity, justice and compassion for other people.

General Policies

  1. All students are required to complete two semesters of World History or World Cultures during their freshman year, two semesters of United States History or American Studies during their junior year, and one semester of Government in their senior year.
  2. Lake Zurich High School strongly recommends additional Social Studies electives to prepare students for admission to the college or university of their choice upon graduation. Many colleges and universities require three or more credits of Social Studies for admission.
  3. Students who fail a course are strongly recommended to make up the missed course in summer school in order to keep the student on pace with their graduating class. Students who fail a course at one level may be placed at the next lower level to repeat a class.

Recommendation For Placement

  1. All placements and level changes are subject to Department approval.
  2. Levels available within the department are: AP, Honors and College Prep (CP). These levels are based on test scores, previous student ability, motivation, and demonstrated competence. Students will be placed by meeting established standards, prerequisites, and faculty recommendations based on the student’s individual academic needs and future plans. Students who achieve at the “A” level in a lower level course may be moved into a higher level based on teacher recommendation and student needs.


Lake Zurich High School Social Studies Argumentative Rubric

Teachers in the Social Studies Department at LZHS strongly support the use of argumentative writing.  A student’s ability to communicate their thinking about relevant topics pertaining to course content is a significant aspect of LZHS Social Studies courses.  All students will learn how to read prompts, write a clear thesis in response to a prompt, support their argument with evidence, and analyze the connection between evidence and their argument.

The LZHS Social Studies Argumentative Rubric (link above) explains how students will be evaluated in argumentative assessments.  To view the ratings and descriptors on the Rubric, click on the desired headings on the rubric.





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